Well I had an interesting weekend….

140516 win and hospitalIt began with me winning the first of the 20km Nerang Short Course trail running series in a time of 1:38:12. Later that day I was catching waves out at Currumbin Beach on my paddle ski with my new carbon paddle. What I didn’t realize was how sharp the blades of my new paddle were. I had the paddle attached to my ski and tried to hold onto it as I bailed off a wave. As I let go of the paddle it sliced the inside of my right thumb. I looked down at my hand to see a deep cut gushing with blood. I managed to swim in with the ski (thanks to the help of my brave boyfriend Eithy). When I got to the beach I realized that I was unable to bend my thumb – the tendon had been cut. All’s well that ends well. I have had surgery to rejoin the tendon and am at home feeling well. I have learnt some lessons about trying out new equipment also. I am disappointed about the interruption to my training, but I suspect I will be back running this week. However, mountain biking and paddling may take several weeks longer. Looking on the bright side the injury could have been worse and I will be diligent with the rehabilitation to ensure I recover full movement of my thumb.


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