My first win for a trail running race and some tips to stay consistent with training

Trail run

I was extremely happy to win Round 4 of the Brisbane Trail running series AND to win the entire Long Course series!! Details of the South East Queensland Trail Running Series are here

The final race of the series was a 20.7km trail run with a mixture of fire roads and single track. I am feeling that my trail running is definitely improving, particularly my downhill running. I actually wanted the race to be more technical as I was feeling quite confident during the race. I was able to back up this hilly race with a 1-hour mountain bike ride followed by a paddle in the afternoon. I felt inspired after watching the Holly Holm vs Miesha Tate fight in UFC 196. Now there is two tough, strong ladies who train and fight like absolute beasts!!

I have a few tips that I believe are helping me stay consistent with my training at the moment:

  • Weights once a week – I perform a simple weight session using dumbbells consisting of 3 x 10 squats with 5 pull-ups in between each set, 4 x 6 deadlifts with 20 pushups in between each set, 4 x 10 dumbbell chest presses with abs in between each set and 3 x 10 single arm dumbbell rows with some sort of kettle bell exercise in between. I am not looking to build muscle but to maintain strength and prevent injury.
  • No alcohol – I know this sounds boring but alcohol and training simply do not mix. Alcohol makes me hazy and demotivated the following day, disturbs my sleep and prevents me from getting to the weight that I want to achieve.
  • Minimal refined carbohydrates – of course occasionally I will splurge and eat some ice cream but I find the surges in blood sugar levels disturb my sleep and make me feel bloated. If I require carbohydrates, for example if I am planning a particularly long training day or have a long race, I will consume carbohydrates in the form of fruits, honey, starchy vegetables or maybe some rolled oats. I prefer whole food sources of carbohydrates. During longer races I will consume gels and electrolytes with simple sugars for easy digestion but for the rest of the time I try to avoid refined, processed carbohydrates.

These tips are helping me back up long training sessions while still being productive at work. I have a 25km trail race coming up so hopefully all this training will pay off.

3 thoughts on “My first win for a trail running race and some tips to stay consistent with training

  1. Congrats on your win Lucy! We’re so envious of all your great Aussie trails! This post is so inspiring and we love your tips (couldn’t agree more). Best of luck with all of your training and prep for your next race! 🙂


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