Can I, the ex-triathlete, beat my boyfriend, the skateboarding, surfing carpenter, in our first adventure race?

Lucy vs IanThis Sunday my boyfriend, Ian, and I are participating in our first adventure race. The race consists of a 16km mountain bike, a 7km creek paddle and an 8km beach run. Honestly, we have not been doing much training. Compared to how much I prepared for a triathlon in the past, it is not much at all. But we are both pretty fit. So the question is can I beat my boyfriend in our first adventure race?

Let’s weigh up our strengths and weaknesses.



Strengths = Competed in triathlon for over 2 years, over 10 years of consistent running training, currently running 3 – 4 times a week including hill sprints, intervals and medium distance runs, good endurance fitness, currently training with kettlebells which are good for muscular endurance, creek paddling twice a week for the past 3 weeks, hates losing

Weaknesses = A bit of a pussy on the mountain bike, average skills on the mountain bike, not a lot of paddle experience

The boyfriend


Strengths = Naturally fit, explosive fitness from skateboarding and surfing, many years of ocean paddle experience, ballsy on the mountain bike, physically strong

Weaknesses = Minimal running training (basically never runs), lack of endurance, current foot injury from skateboarding

I predict that the boyfriend will beat me in both the mountain bike leg and the creek paddle, however, if he does not have too much of a lead, I could possibly catch him in the run. My only chance is that he really starts to fatigue towards the end of the run and that’s when I strike! If I can catch him in that beach run then victory is mine! The problem is that the run is the shortest component of the race. I need to ensure that he is not too far in front of me by the time we get to the run. There is nothing like a little bit of healthy competition to bring out the best in people.

To be honest, we will both be happy just to finish (secretly I will be even happier if I beat him). Having a goal that we have both been training for together has been great for the relationship and has boosted both of our motivation to train. I highly recommend entering some sort of event with your partner to get you both motivated to workout and to bring you closer together as a couple.

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